Selected Medical Discharge Rates

Terms and Conditions of Data Use: please read before downloading data.

Please note that the rates available on this page are also available in the Dartmouth Atlas dataverse with a persistent identifier (DOI), together with additional documentation and links to related publications. We strongly recommend that individuals who intend to use these rates for research download the rates from dataverse and use the dataverse DOI in any citations.

Data Dictionary (.xlsx)

Longitudinal (All Years, All Measures)


Files contains both surgical and medical discharge rates


By Year (One Year, All Measures)

Values of -88888 indicate numbers too small for statistical precision. Values of -99999 indicate data suppressed for privacy (confidentiality).

(csv for 2019 and on, xls/xlsx pre-2019)

Make Your Own Dataset (Choose a Measure, Choose Years)

Using Make Your Own Dataset

  1. Select a measure from the dropdown on the right
  2. Choose your desired years and geographic regions – by default all are included
  3. Click the download button on the bottom right screenshot of tableau download button
  4. Choose “Crosstab” and then CSV or Excel and download!